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Adam Doleac learned the value of building something with his own two hands, from the ground up, before he ever strummed his first chord or wrote his first lyric. His father introduced him to carpentry at age six, and the experience taught Adam it takes discipline to achieve your goals. The work ethic his father instilled in him led Adam to earn high school academic honors and excel at multiple sports. His baseball talent led him to be recruited by the University of Southern Mississippi. While at Southern Miss, Adam won three rings in four years and played in the 2009 College World Series.

A man of many talents, Adam was also a skilled drummer, though music wasn’t ever his top priority. Fate intervened during college, when shin stress fractures rendered him unable to pursue a post-college baseball career. By that time, Adam had taught himself guitar and developed his vocal ability.

When his baseball career officially ended, Adam started booking shows as a solo artist and writing songs with a teammate. He was diligent about posting his work online, and it quickly garnered the attention of established songwriters in Nashville. After several successful co-writes, Adam made the move to Nashville, and his career quickly gained traction. In 2014, SiriusXM’s The Highway selected “I Put It On Ya” as an On The Horizon track. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. To date, Adam’s ability to construct meaningful tunes have earned him cuts from Darius Rucker and Kane Brown.

Determined to also position himself as an artist, Doleac released a self-titled debut EP in June 2017. Sirius XM continues to be one of Adam’s most significant supporters. They have played multiple tracks from his EP on The Highway, and Adam was a featured artist on the fall 2017 Highway Finds Tour. Adam has also caught the attention of the streaming world, and several of his songs have earned spots on Spotify-curated country playlists.

Bigger Than Us (Official Music Video)

Bigger Than Us (Official Music Video)

Bigger Than Us
Whiskey's Fine (Official Lyric Video)

Whiskey's Fine (Official Lyric Video)

Whiskey's Fine (Lyric Video)
Mom and Daddy's Money (Official Lyric Video)

Mom and Daddy's Money (Official Lyric Video)

Mom and Daddy's Money (Lyric Video)

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